Monday, December 28, 2009

Drug Rehab Program Info

What is the real cost of Drug Rehab?

The cost of entering into a private pay drug treatment program can seem like an unreasonable burden but what are the benefits of paying this one time fee that can potentially curb the cycle of addiction?

Governmental estimates state that for every dollar invested into drug rehab programs, an eventual 7 dollars are saved by society. These costs are realized by decreased taxes for things like incarceration for drug related crimes, burdens on social programs such as welfare and homeless shelters, and the seemingly endless "War on Drugs".

By entering into a drug rehab program there is also a savings that is realized by the individual. Drugs are an incredible expense and once the addict stops spending money on drugs, they are able to funnel that money into more positive pursuits. They are also once again employable which has them paying taxes and contributing to society like the rest of us. It may seem like a small thing, but if we have tens of thousands of rehabilitated addicts across the country participating in society, it can make a remarkable difference.

Beyond spending our hard earned money to put ourselves or loved ones into effective drug rehab, we can also petition our local Senators and Congressman to legislate for more government funding for drug treatment. If the real value of rehabilitating drug addicts can be realized by our politicians and society at large, we will be able to turn the tide on this epidemic and everyone will be the better for it.

Even if you aren't directly affected by drug addiction, surely all citizens can see the benefit of proactive and effective measures against this social tragedy.

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