Thursday, January 28, 2010

California Alcohol Rehab Centers

Alcoholism is a condition that not only affects the individual but it also affects friends, family and society at large. Alcoholics alienate those close to them because their behaviors while drinking tend to be dysfunctional and aggressive. They also separate themselves from loved ones so that they can continue to abuse alcohol without impediment. Their actions affect society through the dangers of individuals under the influence, primarily through drunk driving. Alcohol lowers inhibitions and very often those who are drunk think they can drive when really it is dangerous and deadly. 2008 statistic for California show that 35% of all traffic fatalities were alcohol related. This number is way up from 61% in 1982, largely due to stricter laws and organizations like MADD, but any number higher than 0% is too much.

How do we curb these atrocities that alcoholism and alcohol abuse produce? The answer is effective alcohol treatment. California alcohol rehab centers have great success and no doubt carry some of the responsibility for lowered drunk driving statistics.

There are many alcohol treatment programs in California and finding the right one for you can be difficult. It is important to understand that length of stay directly correlates to long term sobriety. This factor combined with information on certification and success rates will ensure that you enroll in a rehab that is going to offer effective and positive treatment. Most facilities will have an employee that can work directly with your health insurance to get you the best coverage available.

Wherever you go, take your time and understand that although treatment is expensive and may seem time consuming, it will save you time and money for the rest of your life. Without long lasting sobriety, you will face at the very least, court costs, lost jobs, the cost of buying alcohol on a daily basis and many other unforeseen expenses associated with alcohol abuse.

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