Sunday, January 3, 2010

Holistic Drug Rehab Programs

With the increase in people seeking drug treatment and the innovations in the field of drug rehab, now more than ever addicts are seeking a holistic approach to recovery.

As a former addict myself I know that I found the notion that I needed to take more drugs in order to stay off drugs very disheartening. Whether it was a maintenance type of program (methadone, suboxone) or a mood stabilizer, I felt that what I really wanted was a drug free life without the entrapment of having to take something every day to feel normal. I mean isn't this what I had been doing all along in my active drug use?

What I found was that I had to completely change my mindset and approach to life. Now I didn't know how I was to do this so I turned to professionals. Having been through several programs that put me on a number of medications, I had ample evidence that this approach wasn't working. What I needed was something different and empowering.

I embarked on a totally drug free lifestyle. Physically repairing my body by living healthy and exercising, coupled with learning valuable life skills, I've been able to achieve a drug free life without craving, mood swings, or an inability to cope with life's difficulties. I still have tough days but I know how to deal with them free from drugs or alcohol. Because of my experience and success, I've come to believe that many drug addicts can benefit from this approach.

There are a number of California holistic drug and alcohol treatment programs out there and with a little research I'm sure you can find the one that is right for you or your loved one.

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