Thursday, February 4, 2010

Alcohol Treatment Centers

Alcohol treatment centers are found all over the world. Modern treatment for alcoholism started in the 1930's with the advent of the 12 step program. This method of treatment opened the door for a new industry that can effectively treat alcoholism without hospitalization or admission to a sanitarium.

Since the 30's many advances have been made in alcohol abuse and if the 12 steps don't work for you, thankfully, there are many modalities for treating alcoholism. Some of these methods are mentioned below.

Medicinal Treatment. Medications offer help in suppressing withdrawal symptoms during detoxification. Unfortunately this does not address any treatment, it only gets the alcoholic off alcohol. Individuals who go through medical withdrawal but do not receive any further treatment show alcohol abuse patterns similar to those who were never treated.

Behavioral Treatment. Behavioral treatments help patients participate in the treatment process, change their attitudes and behaviors related to alcohol abuse, and increase healthy life skills. Treatment for alcohol abuse can be delivered in many different settings using a variety of behavioral approaches.

Look into alcohol rehabs keeping in mind what hasn't worked for you in the past and what you feel will be effective for your long term sobriety. Most importantly, keep an open mind and belief that you can get sober.

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