Wednesday, February 17, 2010

California Alcohol Rehab Centers

California alcohol rehab centers are having new found success in treating alcoholism. If you look into press releases from SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) you will see facilities from California mentioned regularly.

California has the ability to fund new treatment research because of a highly philanthropic population and also government programs such as proposition 36 which offers treatment in lieu of jail time for minor drug offenses. This gives professionals the leeway to really look to what works, versus only having the funding and ability to follow previously prescribed treatment patterns.

Alcoholics all begin drinking for different reasons and over the course of their active alcoholism they develop many dysfunctions in order to cope. A comprehensive program will address all of these issues and design a program tailored to the individual. This is beneficial because everyone is at a unique stage in their life when they enter treatment. While in rehab the alcoholic will be able to confront difficult issues in a safe environment and create a battle plan for living with the new found life skills that a good rehab affords.

Contact rehabs in California and inquire about treatment methods insurance availability and even scholarships. With a little research you are guaranteed to find a good facility and a chance a lifetime sobriety!

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  1. 30 day rehab centers Safe Harbor Treatment Center research has shown that women react more positively to treatment when they are in a gender-specific treatment environment. In the past, drug treatment programs were designed and driven by males. Though men and women both suffer and struggle with the disease of addiction, women have unique and differing needs than men