Thursday, February 11, 2010

Drug Rehab Programs California

Drug addiction is becoming huge problem in California, and all over the world for that matter. Fortunately for those of us with access to California drug rehab programs we are afforded a variety of treatment methods from many different facilities.

Drug rehab programs California benefit from the fact that the public and the state government are moving in a direction of supporting treatment as an option to punishment or incarceration. It costs the state an average of 47,000 a year per inmate. Many of those inmates are jailed for petty drug crimes when what they really need is treatment. For a fraction of the cost of incarceration, the state could deliver effective drug treatment to the individual. We are moving in this direction with legislative actions such as proposition 36 and hopefully this type of legislation will be expanded.

Drug rehab solves the problem of addiction. Addicts are given a safe place to withdraw from and address the reasons they have been using for so long and handle all of the problems that have arisen from their active addiction. Without this help, the addict has no knowledge of the tools he or she can use to stay clean.

If you or a loved one suffers from drug and alcohol addiction, please support legislation that expands on treatment for addicts rather than incarceration. In the mean time, don't wait to get help for addiction. The earlier it is caught and curbed, the better life will be for the addict, the addicts loved ones, and society as a whole.


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