Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sacramento Drug Rehab

Sacramento drug rehab is spearheading initiatives to make drug and alcohol treatment more available to the residents of California. Sacramento is the capitol of California and suffers from high rates of drug addiction. With our state government addressing the severity of drug abuse, facilities all over the state (San Bernadino drug rehab, South Lake Tahoe drug rehab, etc.) are receiving increased support and help to curb this epidemic.

Drug rehab centers are being opened up all across our country and they are not hard to find. The difficult part is choosing the treatment facility that will be right for you. Some of the factors you need to look for are counselor qualifications, length of stay and success rates.

Various States have different regulations for drug rehab counselors. Sacramento drug rehab facilities as well as all California facilities are required to have certified counselors who are approved by the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs. They test a number of stringent criteria to ensure that facilities and counselors are professional and effective.

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