Monday, August 2, 2010

California Alcohol Treatment Centers Statistics

California alcohol treatment centers work everyday to treat individuals for alcohol and drug abuse. It is the hope of treatment professionals that through hard work and community support, this devastating social problem can be eradicated.

California alcohol rehabilitation is effective. Statistics show that treatment for alcoholism has been shown to reduce criminal activity of up to 80% with chronic offenders, it has increased the alcoholics rate of employment, it has decreased homelessness and reduced all health care costs. These are incredibly encouraging statistics for those who work in the field as well as society. The hard work that goes into treating substance abuse pays off. Socially, we all feel the impacts of alcoholism, whether it's because we are close to an alcoholic or paying higher taxes for hospitalization and incarceration of alcoholics, everyone is affected.

Support California alcohol and drug rehab by continuing to vote for legislation that helps alcoholics get the treatment they need. In the long run, this is the best way to permanently reduce the number of people affected by alcoholism as well as it's impact on society.

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