Monday, September 6, 2010

California Alcohol Rehab Solutions

California alcohol rehab gives the individual the ability to overcome alcoholism and it's negative effects. A major hurdle to overcome is depression and how it relates to alcoholism and alcohol abuse.

California alcohol treatment center professionals know that alcohol dependence and major depression occur together, within relatively the same time period. The higher the amount consumed, the greater the number of symptoms of depression. When compared to the general population, depression appears to be seen more frequently in patients being treated for alcohol abuse or alcohol dependence. Similarly, a higher frequency of alcohol-related disorders is seen in patients being treated for depression.

Now it is difficult to show definitive evidence that alcohol cause depression, but it is apparent that the two are linked. California alcohol rehab centers have proven that if the alcoholism is treated then the effects of depression significantly decrease. If sobriety is achieved, then the need for mood stabilizers or anti-depressants becomes largely unnecessary. This is good news for those who wan to be completely free of alcohol and all drugs.

Give California alcohol rehabilitation a chance and you'll see your life turn around!

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