Monday, September 13, 2010

California Drug Rehab Treatment

California drug rehab centers are fighting our states epidemic of drug abuse, drug addiction and alcoholism. California drug treatment centers up and down the state are joining in the fight to help our citizens overcome addiction in order to contribute to our society and lead happy lives.

California has over 37 million people living in the state which is in excess of 10% of the American population. Currently, as you are aware, we are facing many social and economic problems which is why effective drug rehab in California is so important. By beginning to heal our states social problems, we will be able to affect a broader recovery in the political and economic sectors. California jails and prisons are overflowing with inmates arrested for petty drug crimes. These individuals eat up our tax dollars at a rate of $21,000 per inmate per year. Those incarcerated also are not contributing to the states tax base with the rest of us which creates a vacuum from which there is no social or financial return.

By convincing our elected officials to concentrate more on recovery and treatment versus conviction and incarceration, we are moving in the right direction. Alcoholics and addicts who receive treatment have a chance to break the cycle that continuously lands them in jail. They also begin to contribute to society by getting jobs, buying homes and products which in turn builds the overall tax base.

Take advantage of California drug rehabilitation. We have numerous successful facilities all over the state ready to help.

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