Thursday, October 28, 2010

California Alcohol Rehab - Selecting the Right Rehab

California alcohol treatment centers are progressing forward all the time with improvements and innovations in the fight against alcoholism. With the success of many California alcohol rehabilitation facilities it is becoming more and more unnecessary to continue suffering with an alcohol dependence.

Alcoholics and it's consequences create an extremely difficult life for the individual. No matter the reasons that a person starts drinking abusively, alcoholism always leads to the same place. Deteriorating health, dysfunctional relationships, legal troubles, financial troubles, depression, the list goes on.

California alcohol rehab centers can effectively stop this downward spiral. Once an alcoholic admits they need help and become ready to accept it, finding a good rehab is the most important next step. Finding the right treatment facility can make all the difference in your recovery. Important factors to shop for are listed below:

  • Counselor Certification: Counselors who are certified will show that the facility you've chosen has people employed with years of experience in treating alcoholism. Certified counselors in California have to achieve an extensive amount of hours and experience in the field, as well as pass a number of tests in order to acquire certification.
  • Location: Finding a facility that is away from the usual drinking spots and somewhat secluded can be just enough of a barrier to keep the alcoholic from leaving a program when the craving to drink becomes too much.
  • Length of stay: The longer the program the better your chances of success. Long term treatment provides time to separate oneself from active alcoholism. It also affords the alcoholic ample time to confront and handle all of the reasons why they drank.

Of course everyone has their own personal things that they are looking for in alcohol treatment, but the above are universal. Contact several California alcohol rehabs and ask a lot of questions. The right facility is out there for anyone who needs it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

California Alcohol Treatment Centers

California alcohol treatment centers do extensive research into the history of alcohol and alcoholism in order to better understand this epidemic that is plaguing our society.

There is evidence that for over 12,000 years humans have been consuming alcohol. Traditionally, alcohol has been used as a staple for survival, for medicinal purposes, religious ceremonies and funeral offerings. It wasn't until the 1800′s that alcoholism began to be recognized as a widespread social and health problem which brought about the early days of alcohol treatment. It is unclear why it took humans so long to realize the dangers of alcohol abuse, or why it took so long for humans to begin widespread alcohol abuse, however, the fact remains that alcoholism is a widespread problem in our current society.

Since the 1800's, many treatment methods have been tried. Though there have been many missteps along the way, this trial and error has led to a variety of effective methods for alcohol treatment. California alcohol rehab centers have a number of facilities practicing unique and effective methods for alcohol treatment. Whatever you are looking for in your recovery from alcohol can be found and long term sobriety can be achieved.

Look into California alcohol rehabilitation and ask specific questions about what you wish to achieve, what belief systems and modalities they support and so on. Some important things to look for are length of stay (the longer your stay, the better your chance of sobriety) and counselor certification. By doing diligent research, you are sure to find the facility that is right for you or your loved one.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

California Drug Rehab Successful Methods

California drug rehab centers that practice natural methods for treatment are paving the way for a higher success rate and more positive results than drug treatment programs that use maintenance medication or drug for drug therapy.

More and more, drug treatment programs have come to rely heavily on medication as a means of treatment. For some, this is necessary in order to recover, however, it is by no means the rule to follow. Drug addicts spend their lives medicating themselves. If they are told while in treatment that they need to take more medication to be okay, their belief in their own inferiority is reinforced which very often results in them giving up on sobriety and returning to using.

Natural or holistic treatment does not use maintenance medication (e.g. mood stabilizers, anti-depressants, etc.) to treat the drug addict or alcoholic. The methods employed by this type of treatment are focused on teaching the addict how to live and make good decisions on their own. This gives people who have suffered from drug addiction and low self esteem a belief in themselves. It gives them the ability to have faith in their decisions and confidence in their interaction with the world around them.

Holistic medicine follows the belief that the entire being needs to be treated, i.e. the physical, mental, social, and spiritual aspects in all of us. By treating individuals in this way, anything that needs to be addressed will be uncovered. Along with addressing and handling unresolved issues, the drug addict is taught how to make correct decisions not just for themselves, but for those around them as well.

In my years as a treatment professional, I have seen the most positive results from this type of treatment and have a great hope that a new success is occurring in the rehab industry.