Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Drug Inpatient Rehab Recommendations for a Successful Intervention 4

This is the fourth article in a series on substance abuse interventions, the most common reasons they don’t work and the best techniques to use. This series will contain 5 articles, each illustrating a different aspect of the intervention process.

Interventions are often times necessary when you need to get your loved one into in patient drug rehab in order to overcome drug or alcohol addiction. A successful intervention will get them on their way to a drug rehab facility, taking the first step in the recovery process. The reason interventions fail is because those leading the intervention are not aware of the necessary elements that need to be in place in order to get the addict into a treatment program.

Part 4 - Having an Immediate Plan of Action:

Having a plan of action is an absolute requirement prior to starting an intervention that will get your loved one safely into rehab as quickly as possible so that treatment can begin. Be prepared for the addict to try to put off treatment until a later date because of work or school or many other excuses. The reality is that treatment and saving their life trumps anything else that may be going on. Usually anything that needs to be handled can be taken care of by the family. Don’t let them convince you that these things are more important than rehab because any one of their responsibilities would be given up without a thought for drugs. If you don’t get them immediately on their way, the chances of them ever going evaporate quickly.

You can prepare by having the drug rehab facility chosen, an enrollment date and a plane ticket ready. You may also want to escort them or have an escort available to make sure they get to the facility safely and without any detours. These preparations should be ready to be immediately executed. If for some reason you have to wait a day or two to get them into rehab, make sure they are closely supervised the entire time.

Drug inpatient rehab facilities are the best avenue for acquiring permanent sobriety and moving forward with one's life. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction or alcoholism, please get help today!

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